The Poor Little Kid

Last month I was on a trip to two very grand religious places of this country. Haridwar and Vaishno Devi . Though everything was very mesmerizing about the trip but something I want to share for which I was left very upset.
While I was in Vaishnov Devi, taking an exhilarating walk in the mountains I met a small poor kid. There were couple of persons walking ahead of me but it was evening then, so their figures were vague. I was lost somewhere when suddenly he approached from behind. He was wearing a half-sleeved shirt and pajama. He asked me for some money very courteously. Seeing his piteous condition I gave him two 5-rupee coins and in return he gave me a very contented smile as if all his needs were satiated. I also felt good for him. He started running while I walked on slowly. Suddenly I heard scream of a small boy out of nowhere and in no time i realised that it was of the same kid. I ran towards him to see what had happened. When I reached near I saw he was crying and looking for something on the ground. I guessed it were the coins that he was looking for and I was right. He was crying so loud that the sound would go to the top of the mountain. He could not find the coins . He stood up and looked at me mournfully. His crying was so hard and bad that could even melt the hearts of devils. I tried to calm him down but he didn’t. He kept on crying. The tears flowing from his eyes seemed to me as if someone were pouring hot liquid on me. Each drop of his tear was making me feel sicker and weaker. I knew he was not going to stop so I took out a ten rupee note for him. But to my utter surprise, he did not take the money rather he started crying harder and started moving backwards. I tried to convince him to take the money but the poor boy refused and went away crying. I could not understand what was this. In few seconds he was out of sight. I sat for couple of minutes to ponder about this weird act of his but I came out with no conclusion. Filled with dismay, I started moving on………
I still have no answer to “why did he not take the money and run away?”.