Psycho,Groupie,Cocaine,Crazy. Go.

Last weekend I was way too excited. Weekends are more often a general reason but this time one more reason that a rock performance was going on in our college was pumping a great dose of excitement in me. I with my friends spend nearly 12 hrs in that 2 days competition where near about 15 teams had participated. We found ourselves lucky as we had never thought to encounter such stupendous performances by students of our ages. Some performances were so breathtaking that we could do nothing but only look at them and begged our eyes not to blink even once. The prelims were so great that we had to attend the finals unquestionably. Seven teams, rather I would call them, “the prophets of rock and metal” made their ways to the finals. All these teams were divinely talented and the audience was expecting very much.

The finals went for about 2 hrs but when did it pass no one could figure out. One band performed Metallica’s Enter Sandman which was surely the best performance of the night. It was such a stellar performance played with such a great panache that left audience frenzied. We were banging our heads and shouting our guts out. S.O.A.D’s psycho was played by three bands and all indistinguishably superb.

Then at last was the magnanimous performance by the guest band send by the Roland. They played GNR and Iron Maiden so impeccably that we were just enchanted. The winners were announced after that. We returned to our hostels very contented thanking all those who made the show possible and feeling sorry for those sloths who could not attend it.