The Demigod Does It Again.

A day every Indian will be proud of. The indelible imprints which Tendulkar has set on our conscience will never get erased. What a stellar performance! Today also he proved that nothing can get
greater than him when it comes to cricket. What Tendulkar did was simply a divine magnanimous demonstration of majesty. Every moment he spent today in the ground, was so pulsating and
exhilirating that every body seemed dumbstruck. He was unstoppable. Calmly and placidly the intrepid Tendulkar was making everything look very easy, but the dexterity, was a sterling one. It seemed that a thousand of run was scored today.
The environment was simply “Tendulkarised”.
Even the Gods would have stopped writing futures of humanity,for watching him play and would have given 10-15 years of spare life to many, out of happiness. Ohhh, Dear God! Yet again, I think I’ve been stung by the deadly venom named “Tendulkar” and I’ll be happy if I die with it.
God bless Tendulkar.