Morning’s Mine !!

One morning, which is usual as all the mornings,I hear a hard knock on my door. “Let’s go to the mess,its breakfast time”. I hear that knock.What the hell!Why is this happening? My minds instructing me-dont you dare open your eyes,otherwise the eyeballs are going to pop-out.I need my pillow to put on my ear-God damn it, where’s it?? I spread my hands to every part of my bed I can, but my body’s not getting slightest of movement. My pillow’s missing. Fuck it – bastard’s missing. Suddenly I feel my leg’s feeling it somewhere.” Ahh, thank God – I got it – you just saved my morning from getting screwed”. I grab the pillow, put it on my ear and make sure that even the most tumultuous thunder doesn’t disturb me. But, I can feel that the knock is growing louder as the person’s getting no response from me. He reminds me what I had said to him last night. “Friend, I’ve been missing my breakfast for last 4 days due to oversleeping. I dont want this to happen tomorrow again. So, please wake me up in the morning anyhow. Do whatever comes in your mind.But, please!! “, he says. I am listening all these shits.”What a stupid he’s,he takes everything so seriously”.I am thinking this and cursing myself for whatever i said to him last night.

Eventually, he gives up. “Fuck off. Dont you dare say me to wake you up any day. Its all wastage of time. I am leaving. “I am hearing all this with all my ears,he leaves and I take a great sigh of relief. “Good, you are gone, now I can have a sound sleep. “Pressing hard the saviour pillow on my face I push my self to a deep sleep, deeper than ever.

After about 1 hour I feel its time to get up. I try very hard to lift my body off the bed,seems that the bed has clutched me tightly and it doesn’t want me to leave it. A commitment that I make to it just before I sleep is to break,so it tries to savour every last moment that I am spending with it. Finally I detach my body, mind and soul from my sweet and lovely darling, promising that i will be back again with a lot of love and the next night will be more entertaining for it.