Is Uber useful anymore?


There used to be a time when using Uber was cheap. There used to be promotions and discounts and life was very easy. But now Uber has become really expensive. So expensive, that it hurts when you add up the total expense. The pool sharing has become very tedious as well, as it takes a lot of time for even a very small distance. Surges are now very common. Here in Gurgaon, whenever it rains there is a traffic disturbance and the Uber prices go very high. The surges are very common during festivals as well. I have paid as much as three times the normal during the festivals. These surges are very common in mornings as well. All of these factors add a lot of unnecessary dependencies. Either you have to wait for the surge to go down or adjust yourself according to the situation. I am so fearful of the rains these days that whenever the sky is dark, I book an uber immediately and leave everything behind to get to my home, else an easy wait time of a couple of hours for things to be normal – the rain and the surge.

There are many other problems as well. The drivers sometimes create a lot of nonsense. The whole followup and guiding them to lead to the pickup point is so cumbersome. They sometimes do not follow the exact directions and blame their GPS is not working or something else. Some are very finicky about the wait time. They won’t listen at all. Some do not follow the trip directions very well and some follow it so strictly that they do not take any suggestions. Then there are behavioral problems with drivers as well. Last week my friend dropped his phone on a ride and when he asked the driver to return it, he said that he had driven very far off and it was impossible to return it. There were many follow-ups but the driver never agreed to come anywhere near my friend’s location.  One of my colleagues lost his traveling bag the same way. Sometimes it is really hard settling an overcharge. There is no proper customer support to listen to your queries. You raise a concern and if those people are not satisfied with your reasons they will not settle the amount. I, very often, come across this issue. Uber is least concerned about these things, I guess.

All of these things are making the experience little too difficult to consider Uber an option. I feel helpless. I do not own a vehicle. Options are limited. So, I am totally dependent on Uber. That is what Uber always wanted you to be. So dependent and helpless, that you can not do anything. I used to think Uber was always a better option than owning a car and adding to already such a messy and massive traffic. But the burn it is leaving behind in my pockets is totally refuting my concepts. A few months back, it seemed I was saving a lot with Uber. But the base price has gone up a lot and there is hardly any saving. I spent Rs. 2500 in the week ending 26th Aug and that is quite a lot. I think I will have to think of an alternative. Maybe I need to buy a car.

Spend during 20-26th Aug


Clock, right on the Touch Bar

From: Medium

I have been using a MacBook with Touch Bar for last 1.5 years and I have always loved it. I personally feel that touchbar is a cool idea. Apart from the inbuilt features which Apple provides though touchbar, I have always felt that a lot of cool things can be done through it. There are, though, very less number of useful apps for touchbar. So, I thought of giving it a try to build something useful.

For me, it takes a lot of effort to check the time from the menu bar. Also, when you are working in full-screen mode, time is what you are missing the most. The clock on the touchbar feels so perfectly and strategically placed. You do not have to put any effort into checking the time. It’s right there, always in the front.

It was my first experience trying out building a MacBook app. Built it in a night’s time. I could not find any other MacBook around me with touchbar, so could not test it on a different system. However, I tested the auto login, hiding the icon from menubar on a couple of macs, worked perfectly fine.


  • Tap to change the time format.
  • Change colors (Just for fun).
  • Open at login. (change in preference)

Github RepositoryClock Bar (Do not shy away from giving a star *)


Movies – Recently Watched

Pi (1998) :

Darren Aronofosky has never disappointed you, has he? Requiem for a dream, Black Swan, The Fountain etc. are some of the movies he has directed. Pi is a nice movie to watch. Shot in black and white, this movie is about a geeky mathematician who is trying to figure out something, a pattern, which has some deeper meaning to it. This movie is very intense and the whole paranoia of the character displayed is really nice. Overall, it’s a good movie.

Jacob’s Ladder (1990):

Sometimes you need a dose of mind-bending movies and this movie really fits well. You get an intelligent, nail biting plot which has so many twists and turns that makes you thinks about a lot of possibilities. The movie is weird, creepy and unique. A Must watch!

Leaving Las Vegas (1995):

I had never thought that Nicolas Cage, an actor of so many pathetic movies, would have ever got an Oscar for his acting. But, boy, has he acted in this movie. What a fantastic flick! The chemistry between Cage and the actress, Elizabeth Shue, is quite amazing. They seem so natural in the roles they play. The whole emotions and vulnerability of the characters that has been shown, seems so genuine and flawless.

Like Father, Like Son (2013): 

These Japanese directors try to keep the things very simple and this is where they get distinguished. This movie has got a very unexpected plot which I should not be talking about. Just watch this beautiful movie and get overwhelmed with the simplicity of the characters.

A Bong Land Away From Bengal

Chittaranjan Park (Bengali: চিত্তরঞ্জন পার্ক), aka C.R. Park is a neighborhood in South Delhi, and home to a large Bengali community in Delhi. That’s a very known fact. People say, if you want to get a feeling of how Durga Puja is celebrated in West Bengal, then go to this place. I visited this place on the last day of Puja and witnessed the show and it was totally worth it. 

The Bengalis go little insane during Puja period. They have their own way of celebrating it. Seems like there is a sudden induction of too much happiness in these people. And thanks to whatever it is, the place turns into an electric one during the Puja. The streets were decorated with light bulbs – not too bright.  Too many people walking the streets. Kids shouting, girls giggling and ladies blabbering. Too much of chit-chat and I could not hear myself at times. Initially I was little disturbed by the noise, but after I walked enough along with the crowd I start enjoying it. And then there were things around which kept me engaged. The sound of drums, flock of girls in ethnic dresses dancing on a stage nearby the Pandal, a beautiful woman in red embroidered sari singing some classic Bangla song, young girls chatting shyly with boys near the food stalls, smell of fish in and around the Pandal. Everything was oozing out of itself some kind of Bengali class. 

Though I am not a great fan of Bengal/i, but one thing I must mention that I like is – they carry their culture wherever they go. You must be having some Bengali family living near by and they having your mind blown off with some great foods or at least some great variety of sweets. They make you feel the impact of rich culture own and they belong to. A single Bengali family can form community of its own and then slowly engulfing the people near by. A small place secluded from the typical charm which Delhi carries was what the place appeared. The streets reminded me of  a typical Kolkata streets minus the crowd part. It was indeed a nice experience. 

It Was Dreddfully Fantastic

Cast: Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey, Wood Harris
Director: Pete Travis

For a long time we all have been waiting for a perfect action movie where there is no Super-hero but a bad-ass toughie. Lessons, protagonism and philosophy ruin the essence of action. A perfect action flick is the one where we get some gory stuffs, gunshots, some dark humor, rushing sequences and  a music to elevate all these up to a different level. With Dredd you are guaranteed to get everything. A perfect violence crime thriller with every element presented in pristine form. Right from the start, the movie assures you that you will be fed a great dose of insanity and in the end you have with you a head swirling on the tune of it.

The movie, set in future,  revolves around busting of a ghetto gang homed in a multi-storeyed led by an unattractive blood crazed lady called Ma-Ma. This gang deals in production and selling of drugs and their main product- Slo Mo – which slows the perception of time of the addicts. The slow motioned effects of this drug has been so wonderfully portrayed. Everything stops and you feel yourself to be the subject. Judge Dredd, character led by Karl Urban, is a ruthless executioner who believes in law and exterminates every one who goes against it. He teams up with a rookie who is a mind-reader too and very strategically uproots the gang.

The plot may not be the greatest, but it does not have to be. What matters the most is the presentation. And for that the movie wins a standing ovation. Cinematography, I must mention, is breathtaking – as good as it should be. The futuristic city – chaotic, gloomy and plagued by social malaise – speaks off its story. The slow motion acts are one of many great things about the movie. Who needs a description on acting now? Karl Urban is such a perfect fit for the lead role. With laconic dialogues in husky voice, the helmeted actor will surely win your heart. The character(of a rookie) played by Olivia Thirlby is very powerful. She is on a par with Dredd – witty and equally intelligent. The music is just divine. It keeps you on your toes every time. The thrilling sequences coupled with great background music will make your heart slip at times.

Dredd is what we have been looking for so long. It has been crafted very nicely. A perfect juxtaposition of brutality and violence! Leave everything behind and behold to those bloody sequences. It would very foolish mentioning what 3D effects have done to the movie. For those who enjoyed Kill Bill and District 13, here is Dredd satisfying the hunger of both.