The Space Between Us!

Man in Black Dress Shirt With Blue Denim Shirt Sitting on Black Concrete Bench Near Green Plants
Image: Pexel

The space between us so vast.
Vast like an ocean.
I feel waves underneath my feet.
Do they touch your feet too?

I like to think you are closer.
But, I see you all blurred.
There is an ever growing coldness
Do you see me freezing from that distance?

This darkness between us so deep.
I have lost my way.
The road which leads to you and beyond.
Did not you love walking with me?

Stay, Don’t Go!

Stay, don’t go! ’cause I want more of you.

I want to….

Hear you laugh as I whisper in your ear.
Feel you breathe as you get very near.
Touch your hair and get lost in those curls.
Look deep in your eyes – oh! those beautiful glittering pearls.

Please stay and it will show, how my love for you grows.
How my world stops and it’s just you and only you.
I want to hold your hands and never let you go.
Stay for a while, ’cause I will miss you so.

Cabin In The Woods (Poem)

(Location – Patni Top, Jammu & Kashmir)

Amidst the woods, there lies the cabin
From where we watched the sunsets,
Listened to the rain for long long hours,
Took a nap on the porch when we were tired,
Counted the stars when it grew dark,
Woke up to the bright morning sun,
Meet me at my cabin, oh, I miss all the fun!