COVID19: My Yoga classes have resumed and its such a relief

In India, the lockdown has been extended by 3 weeks more. It had to be, it was not a surprise to most of the people. Hopefully, it will help the country contain the number of infections and let us buy more time to strengthen the medical facilities. Extended lockdown means we need to be more careful of our well-being. We have to be more careful of what we eat, how healthy the lifestyle we are following and how much mentally prepared we are. If we are mentally healthy and calm, we can easily cope up with the difficulties we may face during the lockdown.

Towards the last days of lockdown phase-I, I was getting a lot anxious and very irritated. The daily household activities – preparing meals, cleaning the dishes, cleaning the floors etc., was slowly getting on my nerves. I had settled my routine but one thing which was missing was regular Yoga and meditation. I am used to of going to a studio and attending Yoga sessions. I find myself more comfortable doing it that way. I find it difficult to do it myself watching some video online etc. The studios are closed for now and it’s been nearly 2 months I am away from yoga and meditation. Last weekend, I talked to one of the trainers to do a live session for me and thankfully she agreed. The sessions started this Monday, morning 7-8 am, and it’s the fourth day today. We are using Zoom app for it. The initial couple of days were kind of difficult as I was out of yoga and the flexibility was nearly gone but I think it’s getting back. Today’s session was really relaxing.

Person Performing Exercise

Yoga has helped me a lot through my bad times. It really is a powerful tool which if done regularly, can really do wonders. I have witnessed it myself. I will try to discuss this whole thing in some other post. But for now, I will tell you that the best thing it does is settle your lifestyle. It gives a person very disciplined approach to life. For example – since I started the online classes, I have been sleeping on time, getting up early in the morning, doing yoga, having breakfast on time. There is less distraction now and I am more relaxed – both mentally and physically. I am having my meals on time, I am taking care of my body and my mind. Overall, it also adds up to your productivity. This is what yoga does to you – in very simple words. It helps you lead a very balanced life which if you carry for a long time has to benefit you no matter what. I certainly recommend everyone to try out yoga and see the changes yourself. Yoga will really help you sail easily through these bad times and some tough times ahead.